unnamed-38DEBBIE MERLE: The name behind the designs

My creativity and designs are inspired by nature, my love of life and by finding peace and healing properties within the elements I carefully select. After celebrating life after having battled cancer I design with intense passion for living each day to the fullest. Creating jewelry is my happy place. I am a very inventive, imaginative, motivated and focused designer and my mission is to make the world smile and feel good while wearing my designs.

IMG_2733Internationally recognized designer, Debbie Merle has been creating uniquely vibrant, jaw dropping jewelry for over 15 years. As an artist, designer and cancer survivor, Debbie is driven to share her unique perspective of the world through her eclectic, hand crafted pieces which are both works of art and labors of love. It was in fact Debbie’s bout with cancer that ignited her creative passion, and fueled a robust desire to create a tangible expression of her love of life. Her zest is exemplified in her designs which are characterized by rich vibrant colors and creatively beautiful arrangements of elements that truly resonate with Debbie.  Her jewelry collection is her homage to life to be worn and shared with the world over

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